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We have been tutoring and guiding students in exam preparation since 2004 and are the GATE tutoring experts in Perth. Many of our students have been accepted into one of the area Selective High School Gifted and Talented Programs.

Each year in March, the Gifted and Talented Exam (GATE), formerly known as the Academic Selective Entrance Test (ASET), is administered. This exam is used to enter a Gifted and Talented Program in Year 7 at a Western Australian Selective High School.

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Naplan Preparation Year 9:-

Naplan is not a test that children can prepare for similar to an end-term test since it's used to test their skills developing and improving over time. It generally tests millions of students each year such that at the mention of the test, tension and stress may fill students as parents are left confused. The overall students' performance is not tested based on capabilities and understanding power but rather the ability to conduct the test using strategic conditions and exam techniques. Whenever the clock ticks, it's time to start preparing while keeping in mind the aspects of NAPLAN preparation year 9. The slow economy makes it worth an investment to put many resources to secure your child's future by getting them into selective public schools. It offers your children an excellent opportunity to meet their academic success